-Full title: Yester-Year: Ten Centuries of Toilette (from the French of A. Robida by Mrs. Cashel Hoey)

-Author(s): A. Robida & translated to English by Mrs. Cashel Hoey

-Illustrator: A. Robida

-Format: First Edition, hardcover with teal boards and intricate engravings in gold with colored ink illustrations done of women in different outfits trailing down from the golden title, family ex libris attached to back of cover page with donation slip, green endpapers, gilded page-ends and colored glossed plate of woman in fashionable dress as frontispiece, signed by A Robison, with preserved wax sheet separating title page, black and white inked sketches throughout accompanying the colored plates

-Condition: Great! 

-Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons: New York

-Date published: 1891

-Copyright: French copyright different from English copyright, none stated so research indicates copyright of English version is due to Charles Scribner's Sons as of 1891

-Provenance: Stamped as from the J. E. S. Porter collection (Josephine S. Porter). Signed "Josephine E. S. Porter, Hartford Connecticut, 320 Collins St." Family ex libris attached. 

Yester-Year: Ten Centuries of Toilette from the French, First Edition