-Full title: Westminster Abbey, Historically Described

-Author: Henry John Feasey

-"With an account of the abbey buildings by" J.T. Micklethwaite, V.P.S.A.

-"An appendix on the medieval monuments by" Edward Bell, M.A., F.S.A.

-Format: Extremely large format book, First Edition, green boards with white binding, golden inscribed title "Westminster Abbey" on front with design, 75 black and white photographic plates and several drawings of building plans, red ink detail on title page and on insignia of publisher, frontispiece one of the black and white plates depicting a view of the exterior of the abbey. Includes Appendix & Index, each plate "historically described" along with text and building plans. 

-Condition: Great! No plates or pages falling out!

-Publisher: George Bell & Sons: London

-Date published: 1899

-Copyright: 1899 George Bell & Sons

Westminster Abbey Historically Described with 75 Plates, 1899 First Edition