Full Title: Venus on the Half Shell

Author: Kilgore Trout (Philip Jose Farmer) 

Format: Pulp paperback, second printing March 1975, full color old school style cover and portrait with info on "The Space Wanderer" on back, and quote "Available for the first time without lurid covers!" underneath (hysterical), with green foredge page ends and a "booksmith" original bookselling receipt type ticket inside from that time

Condition: Good! 

Publisher: Dell Publishing Co, inc

Date published: 1975

Copyright: 1974 / 1975, Scott Meredith Literary Agency 

Provenance: Found this in a forgotten sci fi paperback box in a small bookstore in Connecticut in March 2021 and the cover just grabbed me! :) 

Venus on the Half Shell by Kilgore Trout (Philip Jose Farmer) 1975 sci fi pulp