-Full titles: Angel Lily and Happy Heaven
-Authors: Unstated
-Format: Tiny little genuine leather books in green engraved with gold titles and little trace designs bordering the covers, illustrated black and white frontispieces, the size of quarters
-Condition: Be careful! You can read these and love them and look through them of course but there are a few places where pages could come out, so you need to be delicate, which is understandable with anything small :) 
-Publisher: American Tract Society (AM Tract Society Publishers Co) 
-Copyright: Unstated
-Date Published: Unstated, research indicates mid 1800s
-Provenance: These I found in one of my usual book haunts in Connecticut. They are unsigned and there is no provenance information I could gather anywhere, but that makes them all the more mysterious and intriguing and unique I think. This was September 2017.

Two tiny vintage books, 1800s, Angel Lily and Happy Heaven