Title(s): Smallest book = Sweetness and Light. Medium sized book = Representative Men. Largest book = The Golden River. 

Author(s): Smallest book = Matthew Arnold. Medium sized book = Ralph Waldo Emerson. Largest book = John Ruskin. 

-Format: All different sizes but all done in brown suede binding with clamshelled ends covering over the pages, all have titles engraved on front in gold embellishment, Matthew Arnold's book has secret purple crest stamped on inside cover where glue has come away to reveal it, uncut page-ends, Sweetness and Light has illustrated frontispiece in black and white separated from title-page by preserved wax sheet, Representative men has glossed illustration of Napoleon as frontispiece also protected from title page by preserved wax sheet, endpapers are green leaf design, The Golden River has pasted-down photograph of author as frontispiece with illustrated border design in black ink around title page, red title noted on each page. 

-Condition: Good condition, one front endpaper falling out of Representative Men, binding on The Golden River is in delicate state but not falling apart. 

-Publisher(s): Smallest book = H M Caldwell Co: New York - Boston. Medium sized book = Thomas Y Crowell & Co Publishers: New York. Largest book = The Roycrofters: Aurora New York. 

-Date(s) published: Smallest book = 1901. Medium sized book = undated. Largest book = undated. 

-Copyright(s): Smallest book = 1901 H M Caldwell Co. Medium sized book = not stated - research suggests late 1800s. Largest book = not stated - research suggests late 1800s. 

-Provenance: None listed / suggested for the smallest or largest book but Representative Men is signed and dated on the endpapers by "S. E. Hittenberg, Doctor Medicini, 1927"

Three Suede Covered Antique Books — see details