-Full Title: The Williamsburg Art of Cookery or Accomplished Gentlewoman's Companion: Being a Collection of Upwards of Five Hundred of the most Ancient and Approv'd Recipes in Virginia Cookery.

-Author: Mrs. Helen Bullock

-Illustrator: E. Jones

-Format: 4th edition, exact reproduction of the 1742 book (with s's written as f's, just like in the old days, even!) bound in brown leather with ribbing on the spine, red and gilt leather imprint on spine reading "WmsBurg Art of Cookery," all illustrated plates from the original included, speckled page-ends

-Condition: Fantastic! Only piece I can determine is not perfect would be the edge of the spine's label coming off a bit on one side, but it is still on and not falling off. 

-Original Publisher: "Colonial Williamsburg Incorporated, printed on the Press of August Dietz and his Son, in Cary Street, at Richmond Virginia"

-Publisher: Colonial Williamsburg Inc.  

-Original Date Published: 1742

-Date published: November 1942

-Copyright: Colonial Williamsburg Incorporated 1942 (works were not copyrighted in the same way in the 1700s, but the original copyright belongs to Colonial Williamsburg Incorporated by today's standards)

The Williamsburg Art of Cookery, 1942 exact reproduction of the 1742 book