Full titles: The Water Babies (A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby)

Author: Charles Kingsley

Format: Early edition | Henry Altemus Edition from Altemus' Young Peoples' Library, 94 illustrations in black and white, red decoration on title page, color engraving on cover and spine

Condition: Good / Fair --  First few pages are loose from the binding but connected to one another, binding on front inner crease is coming apart but book still bound together, official Hatfield Public Library sticker on first front endpaper (simple in black and white)

Publisher: Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia

Date published: 1899

Copyright: Henry Altemus 1899

Provenance: Found this in Old Saybrook CT in a buried section of an antique store in February 2021

The Water Babies (A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby) by Charles Kingsley, 1899