Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book: 


--"Because--Uncle Daniel can't help it!--he always makes everything sound grand. Home on the hilltop! Great big car! Negroes galore! Home-grown bacon and eggs and ham and fried grits and potato cakes and honey and molasses for breakfast every morning to start off with--you know, you don't have to have all the brilliance in the world to sound grand, or to BE grand either. It's a gift." 


--"I don't know if you can measure love at all. But Lord knows there's a lot of it, and seems to me from all the studying I've done over Uncle Daniel--and he loves more people than you and I put together ever will--that if the main one you've set your heart on isn't speaking for your love, or is out of your reach some way, married or dead, or plain nitwitted, you've still got that love banked up somewhere. What Uncle Daniel did was just bestow his all around quick--men, women, and children. Love! There's always somebody wants it. Uncle Daniel knew that. He's smart in a way you aren't, child." 


--"Grandpa Ponder (in his grave now) might have any fine day waked up to find himself in too pretty a fix to get out of, but he had too much character. And besides, Edna Earle, I used to say to myself, if the words does come to the worst, Grandpa IS rich." 

-Full Title: The Ponder Heart
-Author: Eudora Welty
-Illustrator: Joe Krush
-Format: Hardcover first edition with pink/red boards, green/grey binding with blue and black hearts overlapping in front illustration printed/engraved on boards, plastic-protected dust jacket in full color illustrated and signed by Joe Krush, black illustrations accompanying and adorning the text throughout by Joe Krush as well, photo portrait of author on back by Kay Bell, with NY Herald Tribune Book Review Quote at bottom: "One of America's distinguished prose stylists...She is interested in people--their lives, their destinies, the irony attendant upon their comings and goings, and she writes of the unusual in terms of the usual." 
-Condition: Fantastic condition with no writings or rips or marks on the inside whatsoever, binding tight and dust jacket protected with general wear on ends of book boards but so slight you can't notice it. Just preserved in an awesome state! 
-Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & Company: New York
-Copyright: 1953/1954 Eudora Welty with reprint permissions from "The New Yorker, where it first appeared." 
-Date Published: 1954
-Provenance: I got this book from an outdoor bookstore I frequent in Connecticut, not knowing it was a rare first edition--this was January 2018. The book isn't signed so its previous ownership is unknown.  

The Ponder Heart by Eudora Welty, First Edition, 1954, illustrated by Joe Krush