-Full title: The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart., Volume Ninth, Rokeby, and the Vision of Don Roderick

-Author: Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

-Illustrator: J M W Turner

-Format: Special edition, "Volume Ninth" of set made with fore-edge paintings in full color depicting scenes from the books, ribbing and engraving on spine with title, author and series number in gold, two sections mahogany and green, inside black and white illustrations by J M W Turner used throughout, including a double frontispiece of separate illustrations separated by a thin preserved wax sheet, fore-edge illustrator not disclosed but painting in gorgeous color hidden until pages are collectively pressed in a diagonal leaning motion. 

-Condition: Great! 

-Publisher: Ballantyne & Co.: Edinburgh ("Edinburgh: Printed by Ballantyne & Co. Paul's Work")

-Date published: Undated. Research indicates mid 1800s. 

-Coypright: Unstated, research inconclusive. 

-Provenance: Bookplate on back of front cover shows symbol of lion (indicating Scotland where it was printed) and the name "Hammer Morgan"

The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott vol IX with beautiful fore-edge painting