-Full Title: The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier With Numerous Illustrations
-Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
-Format: Hardcover, aged brown boards engraved with black inked cover detail of swirls and flowers with red spots, gilded shining border on front with "WHITTIER" and left side flowers, leaves, & vines trailing down in vertical binding that carries over to the spine with similar gold outline and WHITTIER large and framed in gilt lines and centered with flowers. Shining golden page ends, front and back end pages decorated in wallpaper-esque flower design in cream, illustrated in black and white throughout, inside front crease reinforced with cream binding tape, signed in gorgeous brown ink script by previous owner from 1892 and above in pencil script by later owner, noted lightly in pencil on a handful/atop certain poems saying "This" or "And This" or "Read This" likely by this owner (lol, I love that), frontispiece illustration protected by still-intact thin wax paper apart from title page with portrait of author circled underneath title, begins with "Note by the Author" and the rare "Proem" which is a Poem that is in place of the Preface. A preface-poem! So cool. :) 
-Condition: Front left binding shows crease in cover-covering (yes I just said that, haha) and frayed a bit at edges in the way old books are, age spots on wax sheet inside and various pages, binding tape used on front crease as stated, aside from that it is in impressive condition, completely readable and just honestly wonderful :) The perfect old book. <3 
-Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York, The Riverside Press, Cambridge Massachusetts
-Copyright: 1848 to 1886, first edition, Ticknor & Fields, Fields, Osgood & Co., James R. Osgood & Co., and John G. Whittier. 
-Date published: 1890
-Provenance: This one I found luckily (as the second one I've found of this book! One was a present by my sister years ago when I first started my store, and this one grabbed my attention IMMEDIATELY because it was the same one but from an earlier year, and JUST AS BEAUTIFUL and magical. I was shell-shocked finding this one in a rare bookstore I frequent near my parents house in Connecticut, and this was early in 2018. Previous to myself, two people owned this book - one when the book first came out (1892, two years after its publication) named Clifton E. Bates who dated it July 30, 1892, and the second wrote their signature above in light pencil, "H. K. Barry." 

The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, 1890