Full titles: The Poetical works of John Dryden

Author: John Dryden

Format: Extremely rare edition with gilded page ends, flowered endpapers, black and white illustrations throughout including frontispiece separated from titlepage with preserved wax sheet, red decoration on first few pages, golden detail on cover and spine, colored in red and greens engraved on cover

Condition: Great!

Publisher: Belford, Clarke and Company: Chicago and New York

Date published: Unspecified - research indicates second half of the 19th century (late 1800s most likely)

Copyright: None stated

Provenance: Found this in the closest local thrift bookstore to me in Connecticut on a whim -- what a fun surprise! February 2021, and the book is unsigned/undated. 

The Poetical Works of John Dryden, 1800s early scarce edition