-Full title: The Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow
-Author: Jean Ingelow
-Format: Hardcover, research indicates first edition but unstated, royal blue boards engraved with black ink illustrations of leaves, flowers, and other creative elements (gorgeous) with "Ingelow" framed in gold on front cover, decorative black ink border on front and detail continued in intricate design on spine, gilded page ends, flowered endpapers front and back, signed with inscription in beautiful script on front dated 1886, frontispiece illustrated in black and white of portrait of author separated by thin wax sheet from title page, bright red ink border around every page, notes included in back from author herself, other symbols and illustrations spread throughout book in black and white. 
-Condition: This book is in what I'd call good condition for an old book because on the outside it has signs of wear/age of course, which I hope I got across in the pictures, but the binding is tight and the book is very readable, the wax sheet between the frontispiece and title page is preserved and none of the pages are ripped or written on, etc. :) 
-Publisher: Hurst & Co. Publishers, New York
-Copyright date: Not stated, research indicates 1863
-Date Published: 1863 (research indicates first edition) 
-Provenance: I got this book in a fateful moment of shifting around books that were spread on the floor of an old dusty antique shop. This was in CT in March 2018. Before me the book was owned by a Mary Lydia Teddy, who signed the book as a Christmas present and gave it to someone she didn't name, in 1886.

The Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow, 1863