Full titles: The Poetical Works of Mrs. Hemans [note: does not say "Felicia" but means "Felicia Hemans"]

Author:  Felicia Hemans

Format: First Edition, teal boards with beautiful golden detailing on cover with flowery imagery on spine as well, title "Hemans Works" on spine, red ink borders inside on every page and black and white illustrated frontispiece protected from title page with preserved wax sheet, illustrated throughout with gilded page-ends

Condition: Great!

Publisher: T Y Crowell & Co

Date published: Undated (signed 1880s so research indicates between 1880 and 1885)

Copyright: Unstated

Provenance: Picked this one up from a dealer in Connecticut I am familiar with after I sought him out at his newest location--what a find! March 2021. Book signed on front first pages "No. 12" in old script font, with "To Rena, from Mother, M M B" and dated December 25th, 1885"

The Poetical Works of Felicia Hemans, First Edition, 1880s