Full Title: The Old Man and the Sea

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Format: First edition, second printing (missing A underneath copyright), full dust jacket covered in plastic, original cover art and all things included in first edition, picture of author on back cover in black and white

Condition: Only damage is the dust jacket is old, so it was covered in plastic to keep it fresh, and the plastic wore away in one section at the top. Otherwise it's in great condition! 

Date published: 1952

Copyright: Ernest Hemingway, 1952

Provenance: Accessioned a bunch of books (about 100-150) from a woman who knew my relations and whose mother had died and left behind a gigantic library of gems. This was in Connecticut in May 2021. Was so excited to find this! 

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, First Edition 1952, 2nd printing