-Full Title: The Mysterious Island featuring "Dropped from the Clouds," "The Abandoned," and "The Secret of the Island"
-Author: Jules Verne
-Format: "Popular Edition." Contains three stories that comprise The Mysterious Island which were published as three separate books at once, this may be the first combined edition (as far as research shows). Red boards with black engravings on front cover and spine.
-Condition: Good, some papers dry enough to be cracked if not carefully handled, but readable and still together (not falling apart). 
-Publisher: Universal Publishing Company: New York
-Copyright: Unstated - original published in 1875 by Scribner, Armstrong & Co. 
-Date published: Estimated to be late 1800s, just after initial publication -- early edition
-Provenance: Signed "Geo E. Root, Hartford, Conn."

The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, Popular Edition