Full titles: The Mating Season (a hilarious new JEEVES novel) 

Author: P G Wodehouse

Format: First edition hardcover, third printing, protected dust jacket in full color and plastic, comic illustration on front and spine, illustrated in black and white hilarious character scene drawings from the time by Hal McIntosh (illustrator of the fantastic cover as well), with bio and photo of author on back dust jacket cover. 

Condition: Great! 

Publisher: Didier: New York

Date published: 1949

Copyright: 1949 P G Wodehouse

Provenance: This I found in New Haven in late January 2021 hunting for books to sell for my "love themed" vintage book boxes this season, but it was so special and rare I had to keep it to sell it by itself. I loved this book so much I tracked down a copy for myself so I could read the full thing, and now have a newfound love of Wodehouse and especially McIntosh's illustrations! I especially love the ending of the back inside dust jacket flap : "Its Crazy -- It's Wodehouse." 

The Mating Season by P G Wodehouse, First Edition, 1949