-Full title: The Man Who Was
-Author: Rudyard Kipling
-Format: Thin special edition decorated in gold and detailed painting of bright pink roses on front, hardcover with glossed title page and border design in green. 
-Condition: The book is old but the binding is tight and there are no rips or anything--entirely readable and a perfect collectible, the only roughness you can catch would be the faint age spots on the blank parts of the cover and the general look of being used. 
-Publisher: Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia
-Copyright: Unstated
-Date published: Unstated but research indicates early 1900s, from 1900 to 1910
-Provenance: This one has no signature to suggest its previous owner or whereabouts, but I found it hiding between bigger books in a rare bookshop I frequented in May 2017.

The Man Who Was by Rudyard Kipling, Henry Altemus Edition