Full titles: The Lady of the Lake

Author: Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 

Illustrator: Howard Chandler Christy

Format: Large but thin edition with glossed pages throughout, green boards with gilded and yellow decorations and illustrations, boxed title and author in center, frontispiece shows Lady of the Lake in full color opposite the blue-ink decorated and bordered titlepage. Each page in the book that is not a full color illustration by Christy is inked in black with blue decoration included, and some have illustrations sketched in detail on the page in those colors as well. 

Condition: Great! 

Publisher: DRAFT

Date published: 1910

Copyright: DRAFT

Provenance: This I aquired from a sale of Howard Chandler Christy illustrated books in 2020, and it is hard to pick my favorite among them, but this one is one of the best, hands-down, for its continued illustration and decoration keeps you going through it again and again. DRAFT

The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott, Illus. by Howard Chandler Christy 1910