-Full title: The Big Four
-Author: Agatha Christie
-Format: Pulp paperback, full color front illustration and ads on inside front cover and back cover, Avon Book Complete and Unabridged, reprint of original which came out in 1927 but first printing/edition of this one, original noir / fashionable fifties style cover art and all. 
-Condition: GREAT for a vintage paperback, binding is tight and spine isn't dented in, no scratches on the front cover (outstanding!) and only a few rubs away of the paper cover on the edges of the spine, as can be expected. Inside there are no marks or rips aside from just one stamp on the title page that says "N H June 19," whatever the hell that means. Overall great great copy. :) 
-Publisher: Avon Publishing Co Inc.  (by arrangement with Dodd, Mead and Co)
-Copyright: 1927 Agatha Christie
-Date published: 1950

The Big Four by Agatha Christie, Pulp edition 1950