-Full title: Starship Troopers
-Author: Robert A Heinlein
-Format: Paperback, first edition and first printing, red page ends, pulp-style design and cover art in bright reds/oranges/browns/blacks, title large in unique font on front with Signet symbol and "Complete and Unabridged" at bottom, described as "The prize-winning novel of a combat soldier - in training and in battle - five thousand years in the future." Back cover has photograph of author and bio on bottom with bright red advertisement for book and quote from Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, "One you shouldn't miss."
-Condition: Still together and readable, pages not falling out or written on or marked or creased but the front cover is detached where it should connect all the way to the first page -- still, this doesn't really matter at all, it's just a minor note I felt I had to make. The spine is flaky, but again everything is still glued and complete, and other than that it is in great condition in all ways.
-Publisher: A Signet Book published by The New American Library
-Copyright: 1959 Robert A Heinlein
-Date published: November 1961
-Provenance: This was found in a thrift bookshop in 2017 September in Connecticut. 

Starship Troopers by Robert A Heinlein