Full title: Prayers Written at Vailima 

Author: Robert Penn Warren 

Illustrator/Illuminator: Alberto Sangorski, Graphic Engraving Co. 

Format: “Second Impression,”  Brown/tan boards with glinting gold engraved title and author in border on front cover, each page between matte and glossed designed in illuminated manuscript style with bright colors and golden illumination, red text in “olde latin” font, every page designed with intricate borders or illustrations or detailed First Letters. Illustration of Robert Penn Warren circled in the design on titlepage. 

Condition: There are a few flaking parts on the spine but other than that and the age worn on the cover, this is in great condition especially on the gorgeous inside!

Publisher: “Messrs. Chatto & Windus,” 111 St. Martin’s Lane London 1910

Date published: 1910

Copyright: 1910, “Messrs. Chatto & Windus” (All Rights Reserved, so illustrations may be copyrighted to Alberto Sangorski, though copyright is not clearly defined here)

Prayers Written at Vailima by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1910, illuminated