Full titles: Poems by David Barker

Author: David Barker

Format: Second Edition, biographical sketch included by Hon. John E Godfrey, solid heavy book of brown boards with gilded detail all round, engraved on cover in black and in gold with title and author including picture of a lyre and illuminated P, top and bottom of cover inlaid with black and gold flowered detailing, gilded page ends, top bottom and side, illustrated portrait with signature of David Barker as frontispiece protected and somewhat visible on wax sheet between frontispiece and title page, red ink decoration on titlepage border and on every page throughout. 

Condition: Good, first few pages a bit loose

Publisher:  O. F. Knowles & Co

Date published: 1886

Copyright: Susan C Barker, Widow, Walter C and Maude Barker, children of David Barker, 1876

Provenance: Found in Connecticut in January 2021. Signed Helen Die Bierbrook on front inside cover.

Poems by David Barker, Second Edition, 1886