-First title: Paradise Lost. In Twelve Parts. 
-Second title: Night Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality, to which is added The Force of Religion
-First Author: John Milton 
-Second Author: Edward Young, D. D. 
-Format: Hardcover, special "New Edition" unique to itself (no other publishings of these works together with "to which is added" last part), gilt cover and spine detail, shallow engravings on red boards front and back, detailed brown ink frontispiece of author's profile entitled "MILTON" and "Painted by Samuel Cooper" with "Engraved by W. Hoogland." (Note: William Hoogland was a famous engraver in Boston at the time, and Samuel Cooper was a famed "miniatures" artist, sometimes spelled "Cowper.") Title page separated from frontispiece by brown wax sheet, every page bordered by black ink lines, two books in one
-Condition: General vintage condition with a bit of separation on the lining of the red covered boards on the spine near the bottom left, but its still together and not falling off. The book is incredibly readable and impressive for its age. Age spots throughout but binding tight :)  
-Publisher: Phillips, Sampson & Co: Boston, 110 Washington Street 
-Copyright date: N/A
-Date published: 1850
-Provenance: This one I got at a thrift book shop in someone's detached garage unit in Central Connecticut that was filled with books and shelves going on and on, with very bad lighting and air circulation, so I didn't want to stay long--but did of course, and after a long time I walked away with 10 books, one of which was this gem. No signature to give an idea who owned it before myself.  

Paradise Lost by John Milton and Night Thoughts by Edward Young, 1850