Full title: Observations

Author: Max Beerbohm

Illustrator: Max Beerbohm

Format: First Edition, each page has one picture (frontispiece in color, rest in black and white) on glossed page, with accompanying wax sheet on opposite with text paragraph related to the picture describing the characters depicted, hundreds of images within, frontispiece wax sheet protects it from titlepage, 

Condition: Front cover hanging on by woven binding to rest of book but is loose when ope ned, not going to fall off but endpapers not connected seamlessly, back cover inside endpaper has one crack/rip but doesn’t go through to the back cover, binding somewhat showing through inside crease, outside binding spine cover coming off / off in parts but still intact underneath with weave and all pages intact and tight within. I’d say the inside is in great condition (like new) and the outside is fair/good for its age and the fact it isn’t falling apart, just generally worn over time. 

Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd.: London

Date published: 1925

Copyright: Unstated, research indicates work is copyrighted by Max Beerbohm circa each image’s date of creation, but the book itself is copyrighted by William Heinemann, 1925

Observations by Max Beerbohm, 1925, First Edition