Full titles: No Other Box

Contents: One box of 2 to 5 books (your choice) hand-picked by me from vintage stock to reflect the season, along with a faux potted plant in each box and spring decorations. These make a wonderful gift for yourself and your self-care or to surprise a loving friend, family member or significant other who loves books. The themes of the No Other Boxes will change every so often or even monthly depending on holidays and changes in the season and such, so take advantage if you like this theme! 


Shipping: Shipping should be 5 to 11 dollars per box, as I use media mail, which is not an option on this site. That is why I put the weight of the box at 5 pounds, though it weighs more. If your shipping total comes out to be more than 11, contact me and I'll adjust the weight. Thank you! :) 

No Other Box vintage book boxes, Spring Edition