Full title: Museum of Antiquity, a Description of Ancient Life: The Employments, Amusements Customs and Habits, The Cities, Palaces, Monuments and Tombs, The Literature and Fine Arts of 3,000 Years Ago

Author(s): L W Yaggy, M.S., and T L Haines, A.M.

Format: First Edition, yellow boards enscribed and engraved with black and gilt detail, hundreds of plates and illustrations throughout in black and white, preserved wax page between titlepage and frontispiece to protect both

Condition: Good

Publisher: Western Publishing House: Chicago

Date Published: 1880

Copyright: 1880, L W Yaggy and T L Haines

Provenance: Purple ink stamp on page before title-page reads "Received Nov 8 1889, Frank Rowe, Hebron Hills"

Museum of Antiquity: a Description of Ancient Life, Illustrated, 1880