-Full Title: Lorna Doone

-Author: R. D. Blackmore

-Format: Large thick book, black boards with uncut page-ends, engraved on front with golden title, author and outline but with a colored paste-down in the center for the cover art drawn by Mead Schaeffer, endpapers illustrated in tuquoise, black and white also by Schaeffer, 7 plated illustrations (full color) throughout, including glossed frontispiece. 

-Condition: Good but for a few brown age stains on the first few pages. Otherwise all the plates are securely in, the binding is tight and the paste-down on the front is not coming off, etc. 

-Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Co: New York 

-Date published: 1930

-Copyright: 1930, Dodd Mead & Co: New York

-Provenance: Signature states it was owned by a Barbara M Taylor, given to her in Jan 1936 by a [Ge...my] T. 

Lorna Doone by R D Blackmore, illustrated by Mead Schaeffer, 1930