-Full title: Home Again with Me

-Author: James Whitcomb Riley

-Illustrator(s): Howard Chandler Christy (plated illustrations), "Decorations by Franklin Booth" (inked endpapers and borders, etc)

-Format: First Edition, hardcover with green boards, engraved and gilded title atop decorated white and green bows and flowers in a heart, centerpiece a paste-down illustration of a woman by Christy, green endpapers on cream decorated/illustrated by Franklin Booth with book-plate on back of front cover depicting "Ex Libris" on a book open at the foot of a fallen tree stump, with a new shining sprouted tree growing out of it (black and white) -- every page glossed, illustration on every other page in red/pink and black accompanying the opposite written page illustrated with red/pink decoration as well

-Condition: Great! 

-Publisher: The Bobbs-Merrill Company: Indianapolis

-Date published: 1908

-Copyright: 1908 James Whitcomb Riley 

-Provenance: Signed "Ruth Eleanor Martins" and bookplated "Ruth M. Ober"

Home Again with Me by James Whitcomb Riley, famous illustrated First Edition