-Full title: Gleanings from the English Poets, Chaucer to Tennyson, with Biographical Notices of the Authors

-Author: Robert Inglis

-Format: Authentic red velvet cover, glinting brass imprint carving attached front with flowers and vines and title "Gleanings," flowered endpaper design with illustrated page borders on every page in faint green and purple ink, illustrations in ink throughout, gilded page-ends

-Condition: Must be careful with it in the first few pages as they are nearly detatched, but other than that it i a good readabl copy with good binding and well preserved! 

-Publisher: Gall & Inglis: Edinburgh

-Copyright: (Unstated - assumed from research 1877, Gall & Inglis)

-Date published: Undated (research indicates First Edition 1877)

-Provenance: Signed "Anna L Finch, Kaufman. [unreadable]. From John Lauer"

Gleanings from the English Poets, Chaucer to Tennyson by Robert Inglis