Full titles: The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott Vol IX, Rokeby and The Vision of Don Roderick

Author: Sir Walter Scott

Format: Rare edition with fore-edge painting on page ends that looks rainbow-ed and glittery when you close it but depicts a scene from the works within when opened on a slant to reveal the fore-edge painting. Caramel-colored leather with golden spine details on reddish-brown and dark green with ribbing on spine, has gorgeous bookplate with lion on it that says "Hammer Morgan" and then an incredibly detailed inked artwork on the frontispiece separated by a thin preserved wax sheet that keeps the titular page, also fully illustrated in this case, protected. 

Condition: Fantastic for an old book! Literally could have been bound yesteray but for the tell-tale age stains on the wax sheet between the illustrated pages

Publisher: Ballantyne & Co (Paul's Work) : London

Date published: Undated -- early 1800s is the guess

Copyright: None stated

Provenance: Won this in a book auction years ago! The book plate is the only clue toward previous ownership, "Hammre Smith" with a lion emblem. 

Fore-Edge Painted Sir Walter Scott's Poetical Works incl. Rokeby & Don Roderick