-Full title: Father Damien, an Open Letter to the Reverend Doctor Hyde of Honolulu

-Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

-Format: Special Edition one of only 450 copies printed, as quoted "Four Hundred and Fifty copies of this book have been printed on Van-Gelder Handmade Paper, and type distributed. (Note: Van-Gelder Handmade Paper is highly collectible and rare). Slim volume with uncut pages, red ink decorations throughout, frontispiece separated from title page by preserved wax sheet, frontispiece  illustration is signed as a sketched portrait of "Father Damien de Vuester" dated 1868 and with artist's signature Edward Clifford. Red ink illustration on front cover forming the letter "F" of "Father." Noted as the second edition created of this novel, but the first print as it was a limited print of 450 and only one print of this edition came out. 

-Condition: Great! 

-Publisher: Thomas B Mosher: Portland, Maine

-Date Published: 1897

-Copyright: None stated but research indicates Chatto and Windus, London 1890, who published the first copy. 

-Provenance: Signed by Sigried Baldwin dated 1898

Father Damien by Robert Louis Stevenson, scarce special edition of only 450