-Full title: Eyes of the Sea
-Author: Marie Corelli
-Format: First Public Edition of privately printed limited smaller edition that was given to club members only, blue and black illustration on cardboard paperback-like cover boards, binding tied with string and with near-clamshell style edges, uncut pages, black and white photographic portraits inside, frontispiece is portrait of the author. 
-Condition: The binding is still tied together and not loose, the pages are clean and do not fall out, the cover is only worn in ways that are telling of its age, rather than by misuse of the book or any rips/marks/writing and such, in and out. If you treat the book somewhat carefully it will last another hundred years I'd bet! 
-Publisher: Marshall Brothers Limited 
-Copyright: Work may not be officially copyrighted, it is unstated and like I explain above the printing / provenance of the work is strange, but I'd say Marie Corelli would be the copyright owner, and upon the date of or around this first run in 1917
-Date published: Unstated but introductory letter signed February 1917, likely issued just after this was written. 
-Provenance: Unsigned so no telling who owned it before myself, but I found it in one of my favorite bookshops in Connecticut around February 2017. 

Eyes of the Sea by Marie Corelli, Limited Edition, 1917