Full title: Claude Melnotte as a Detective and Other Stories

Author: Allan Pinkerton (one of the first actual American detectives, who based his stories on real cases!) 

Format: Hardcover first edition embellished and decorated in gilt and carvings, illustrated throughout, yellow endpapers and gorgeous frontispiece. 

Condition: Good! 

Publisher: W B Keen, Cook & Co

Date published: 1875

Copyright: 1875 W B Keen, Cook & Co

Provenance: This one I found in an antique store that I don't frequent too often for its lack of books but I was surprised to find such a well-known person and author available for purchase, especially since he almost originated the very idea of the detective novel! Reading his works set me on a hunt to find some other books by him to rescue before they fall into obscurity. This is just one of them, but if you like the other's I've listed I can bundle them for sure! This one is signed "Library of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baker" in script from that time period. Beautiful!

Claude Melnotte as a Detective and Other Stories by Allan Pinkerton, First, 1875