Full Title: Daniel Deronda

Author: George Eliot (pen name for Mary Ann Evans)

Format: Hardcover with interesting black and white zig-zag pattern on boards, full color illustrated dust jacket, second impression, blue boxed title on titlepage, inside front jacket has description with back jacket also illustrated and inside flap lists other Zodiac Press classics. 

Condition: Fantastic! 

Publisher: The Zodiac Press

Date published: 1978

Copyright: Unclear, 1972, possibly Chato Books 

Provenance: I always look for Zodiac Press books - they are just a wildly wonderful printing/publishing company that know how to make gorgeous editions of all my favorite literary classics. This one was picked up in a local bookshop in Connecticut in April 2021. 

Daniel Deronda by George Eliot, 1978 Zodiac Press Edition