Full Title:  A Treatise on Human Physiology Designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine (with 284 Illustrations)

Author: John C. Dalton, M.D.

Format: Very old leathery brown boards and no title on front, but black and gold engraved title on spine, illustrated with 284 black and white diagrams, charts and medical drawings throughout, large thick comprehensive book, fifth edition

Condition: Good for its age and clear use — nothing is falling out and 

Publisher: Henry C Lea: Philadelphia

Date Published: 1871

Copyright: 1871 Henry C Lea

Provenance: Stamped in ink on front endpapers with “Gregory M. Burbelo, M.D. 17 Crestview Drive, Westerley, R.I., 02891” and signed in script “A. E. [illegible]” 

Dalton’s Treatise on Human Physiology, illustrated medical text, 1871