-Full Title Novel 1: The Old Curiosity Shop
-Full Title Novel 2: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
-Author Book 1: Charles Dickens
-Author Book 2: Jules Verne
-Format: Hardcover, leather binding (rare!) with gilt engraved titles on spine and ribbed edges, marbled cover and back cover in brown, yellow/gold and red, two books contained in one, Old Curiosity Shop first, thin pages with straight cut and red-speckled ends, stamped name by previous owner on back front cover "G L Noble" and dated 1884 in pencil script, with book binder's stamp on first page in purple ink, "Simon & Barnum Book Binders, 3 & 5 Columbia Street, Utica NY" 
-Condition: The condition is fragile but wonderful. The binding is surprisingly tight and the book highly readable, the leather in great shape and the only real distress is to the boards, and some dark age stains on pages in the first section. As stated above, there are two stamps from the book binder's and the previous owner, with pencil date in light pencil script below. 
-Publisher: John W Lovell Company
-Copyrights: Not stated, but owner dated book 1884, further research under way
-Date published: Not stated, but owner dated book 1884, further research under way
-Provenance: This book is signed by the previous owner G E Noble and dated 1884, along with a book stamp from the previous bookshop that owned it at some point. 

Charles Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop & Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea