-Full title: Captain January 
-Author: Laura E Richards
-Illustrator: Frank T Merrill
-Format: Hardcover, special Illustrated Edition, hand-written date in quotes "1893" under roman numeral date, front cover has bright red and black text for title and illustration carved in white on gold leaf of the Captain and January, the title characters. Inside the pages are glossed, the frontispiece is separated from the title page with a thin wax sheet, and there are countless illustrations (one of the pictures shows only the beginning of the long list that spans two pages) in black and white inside that either adorn the text or have their own separate page. Page ends are uncut. 
-Condition: Delicate but delightful. Haha - no, but really, the only place the book seems to be "aging" is where the title page is. The binding is open there, so when you open the cover you have to be careful, but the rest of the pages are secure and the book is still readable. No writings or marks inside, and the wax sheet protecting the frontispiece is still preserved after all these years, so the only thing you have to watch out for is that first page coming loose, and a minor stain on the bottom left corner of the front cover where it meets the spine. No idea what happened there, but so is the life of a bookseller -- there are countless mysteries in the past of these books we will never know! The corners of the book are worn, but barely. :) 
-Publisher: Estes & Lauriat, Boston
-Copyright: "1890 and 1892 Estes & Lauriat [All Rights Reserved]"
-Date published: 1893

Captain January by Laura E Richards,1893, illustrated by Frank T Merill