Full title: Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping (Tried and Approved)

Author: Buckeye Publishing Company (Compiled from Original Recipes) 

Format: “Third edition” (updated from previous two with additional recipes and to be longer), illustrated throughout in black and white accompanying the different sections of cooking from Meats to Soups and more, inside there are pages and pages of handwritten recipes and notes from previous users in lovely script you can still read, green boards with brown paper so tightly bound and pasted down over it it seems a part of the boards themselves, some loose scraps inside of handwritten recipes as well. 

Condition: Fair/Good for an old book. None of the pages are falling out but the cover has come off on the inside fromt he binding, so when you open it it opens all the way, but still is connected and stays together regardless. There are stains on the book (it’s a cookbook that was clearly used!) and some scraps of paper and writing all in the inside of unique recipes from previous owners (including Marie) but that just adds to the charm of this book, so it’s not really a condition point. The dustcover’s paper is well worn but it is pasted down and bound so tightly that it will not come off.

Publisher: Buckeye Publishing Company: Marysville, Ohio

Date published: 1877

Copyright: 1877 Buckeye Publishing Company

Provenance: Signed “Marie C. Davie Oct. 17, 1877”

Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping, 1877