Here are some of my favorite poems included in this eclectic, stylish collection: 



"It is strange
how innocent they are; 
they show you pictures of their car
as if to say: 
'We are not all here today;
Oh, it would be so pleasant
if you could see us sitting in our car. 
Don't judge us by the fragments that are present, 
--these plaltry portions make us apprehensive
of your opinion. 
--Our joints creak, 
our attitudes are dim, 
Our chatter is small change,
our worth disreputable,--
we may be minions,--
but there's 
that trim
that chic
possession irrefutable, 
--the car!" 




"The really appreciative people
who adore music
strike such wonderful poses; 
they stick their noses
in the air,
each like an aspiring steeple,
and wilt like rapturous roses;
the breath fails,
the eye closes,
the program trails. 

Meanwhile the sight
of their exalted, rare,
almost unduly drooling delight,
makes the herds
of really unappreciative people
simply too sick
for words."




"Take lightly that which heavy lies;
what all respect, do you despise;
some flippancy your soul may save.
--A goose is walking on your grave.--"


-Full title: Animosities 
-Author: Peggy Bacon
-Format: Hardcover, stated First Edition, illustrated in black and white throughout, patterned orange boards with dark blue/black binding, rounded edges with uncut pages, "Typography by Robert S. Josephy" and "Printed in the United States of America by Quinn & Boden Company, Inc., Rahway, N. J." 
-Condition: Weathered as a used book should be, with tight binding and scratches to the cover (pictured), edges worn but intact and no loose pages or markings
-Publisher: Harcourt, Brace and Company
-Copyright: 1931 Harcourt Brace and Company
-Date published: 1931
-Provenance: I found out there is a sticker on the back inside cover that does indicate where it was once--it is a bookshop sticker that says in ornate bookish text: Grenville Washington Book Shop. Other than that, it remains a mystery. I picked this up in Portsmouth NH in 2017.

Animosities written and illustrated by Peggy Bacon, First Edition