-Full title: Across the Plains with Other Essays and Memories
-Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
-Format: First Edition, hardcover with marbled boards in full bright color, leather binding with ribbed spine and engraved title and author's name on brown panel, flowered end pages with gold vertical lines
-Condition: Great for an old book, especially a magical, rare first edition like this one. Leather books are extremely expensive and hard to come by these days, especially ones from the 1800s, so you'd expect this one to be in terrible shape but it has held up magnificently. The only signs of wear are minor and on the end corners of the book and where the binding meets the spine. inside there is a brown stain seemingly from a book plate that has been removed on the back of the front cover, and there a few nearly invisibly brown marks of age on the very top of the first few pages of the book that eventually slip away entirely. There is no writing in the book or rips, and the binding is tight enough to make the book readable, but the first few pages should be treated with more care than the rest. :) 
-Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons, New York
-Copyright: 1892 Charles Scribner's Sons
-Date published: 1892
-Provenance: This book came from a bookshop I go to only sometimes (read: I don't like it very much but it has the occasional treasure so I go). I stopped in because I was passing through the area and found a few gems, this included. This was July 2017 in Connecticut. 

Across the Plains with Other Essays by Robert Louis Stevenson, First Edition