Full titles: A Little Treasury of Love Poems -- The Best Love Poetry in the English Language

Editor: John Holmes

Illustrator: Johannes Troyer

Format: Cute little blue book with preserved plastic-covered dust jacket illustrated/decorated with red ink and black on light blue/grey, picture of Cupid on top with arrows and bird, black and white ink illustrations throughout decorating the pages (about one per poem)

Condition: Great!

Publisher:  Charles Scribner's Sons

Date Published: 1950

Copyright: 1950 Charles Scribner's Sons

Provenance: This book is extremely special because of its endearing and just heart-strikingly romantic dedication in the front. I found it in a bookstore in February 2021 right before Valentine's Day, which I think was fate. 

The inscription reads: "The great poets of the world would say it better than could I, but when it comes to the spirit of love -- I think, with humility -- they could learn something from the spirit of that which is ours. Your husband, Dra" HOW HEART-EYE EMOJI DOES THAT MAKE YOU? :) <3 

A Little Treasury of Love Poems, edited by John Holmes, 1950