That's how you should feel about every book that you own.


Your bookshelves should be beautiful to you, breathe history, and should reflect what you love. Buying a book, you are looking to own the way it made you feel when you read it, what it made you think. They are a part of you, the books that connect to you in that deep way, the ones you want to own instead of borrow. The bookshelves you have, or cases displayed, or the piles you have spread all across the room, these should catch eyes, pull stares, and express in a fully unique way what you love to read because this expresses you. Books last because there is something undeniably special about the rare, the vintage, the antique--not just the way the pages smell, which some people are drawn to--but the fact of its existence.

There is no other book like this one.
Buy it here and cherish it forever.