Librarian. Writer. Reader. Bookseller. Collector. Curator. Appraiser.

So basically my life is books. 

I'm Colleen, but on instagram I go by Clyn (shortened from Colleen Lynch, but I've been told people think it's my first name and pronounced "Cline" so I've just embraced it. Call me whatever you like, lol!) I'm 30, living in CT with my two little dogs and my many, many dreams. I started this business after a hard time, when I had no ambitions and was not lucky in my job search after getting my graduate degree in Library Science in Boston. I moved to my parents' vacation house by the water and sort of soul-searched, working part-time at a library and not being paid very well, when one day I realized: I had too many books. How is that possible, you say? I mean, you're kind of asking the wrong person because I firmly believe you can NEVER have too many books, but still... 

In my case I have a strict rule of needing to read every book that I own. I have a backlog of course, but I hate the idea of a book staying on my shelf just for the sake of it, no matter how special it is. So I decided, as my collection of used rare beautiful old books was overwhelming me, to put a few of them up on Etsy for sale--just the ones I knew I wouldn't actually get around to reading this lifetime. Little did I know my shop would do so well. I also didn't know how many fans, customers and friends I would make marketing my shop on Instagram, putting up pictures (I love book photography!) of my finds and sharing their unique stories.

My store is now seven years old and only growing, so I decided to make my own website and move on from other sales platforms to my very own. This is a big deal for me and my business, and I'm very excited you found me here and are reading this short lil' story--I'm grateful I took a chance and started selling books so randomly, and that I've had such a warm reception from other bookish people around the world all this time.

Starting No Other Book Like This helped break me out of a dark, questioning time, and find a purpose I didn't know I had. Though I'm still a librarian, my shop is important to me, my customers are important to me, and my books are important to me, so I will keep it going (in my mind forever, and maybe even get a real brick and mortar bookstore one day...) and it will hopefully keep making people happy, connecting them with their perfect book(s). 

Drop me a note via my contact page or Instagram if you have a book you're looking for a specific book or author or genre you're interested in, or anything else bookish you'd like to talk with me about! I'd love to talk to you!